Mischief Managed




At approximately 12:00 pm on Saturday, December 12th… Rascal died.


He did things his way always, and decided to leave us before anymore vet visits or medical intervention. Whatever was going on with him caused massive internal bleeding, and I held him through his last breaths as I promised him I would years ago. 

It’s been five days, and I still have no beautiful tribute or inspired thing to say to this wonderful community. I can only inform you all that it is over, we won some battles, but lost the war.

After over half my life spent with him only two words are appropriate for the end of his life.

Mischief Managed.

Rascal and Co.

Awful News

Hey Tripawds,

I got the worst news today. It looks like the swelling and issue with Rascal’s stump is a lot more serious than we thought. After a third trip to the vet this week when the fluid spread to his back leg, our vet has him on an intense series of medications from Gabapentin to antibiotics.

We were told today that if this treatment doesn’t reduce the swelling in the next few days, it will mean that this swelling around his stump is the vicious return of the tumor that was on his leg before we removed it, and is killing him.

She said if this is the case, she’ll see us on Monday for Rascal’s euthanization.

I’ve been unable to stop crying, so I have a splitting headache and can’t comfort Rascal who is very uncomfortable and very drugged. He gets more upset when I try to take over soothing him since I can’t be soothed myself. I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know what to say.

Please pray for us,

Rascal and Co.