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Hey Tripawds,

I got the worst news today. It looks like the swelling and issue with Rascal’s stump is a lot more serious than we thought. After a third trip to the vet this week when the fluid spread to his back leg, our vet has him on an intense series of medications from Gabapentin to antibiotics.

We were told today that if this treatment doesn’t reduce the swelling in the next few days, it will mean that this swelling around his stump is the vicious return of the tumor that was on his leg before we removed it, and is killing him.

She said if this is the case, she’ll see us on Monday for Rascal’s euthanization.

I’ve been unable to stop crying, so I have a splitting headache and can’t comfort Rascal who is very uncomfortable and very drugged. He gets more upset when I try to take over soothing him since I can’t be soothed myself. I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know what to say.

Please pray for us,

Rascal and Co.

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  1. Whoa…. hold on a second there. I know you have a lot of emotions and got a lot of information today but as Sally would say… breathe, deep breaths. I know how you feel and how scary and devastating this feels. Did the doctor really say it all cut and dry like that? I am going to hold hope and prayers that it is an infection and it WILL get better! Positive thinking and energy coming your way. I am sure others will chime in but I just can’t believe any of this … I really cannot. I know how hard it can be to not cry and be upset around Rascal…. I was that way w/Shelby. But he needs your strength so cry, vent , yell to us and try and smile for him.

    Sending you the world’s BIGGEST hug possible!!!!

    Much love!
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart

    1. It’s just the fact that he’s showing no signs of infection, no fever, no obvious issues with his x-rays…

      So she said it pretty cut and dry while starting to cry herself.

      Thank you so much for your positivity, we need it!

  2. going on with Rascal. So, unless you know otherwise, right NOW it is soooo important to stay in the moment with Rascal and take advantage of not knlwing what may, or may not, be going on with Rascal.

    And yes, it is hugely importa ta…HUGELY IMPORTAN…that you take some deep breaths…….B R E A T H E……B R E A T H E…
    YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS! YOU WILL STAY STRONG AND POSITIVE FOR RASCAL!! And you know why I know this to be true? BECAUSE YOU LOVE RASCAL SOOOO MUCH!!! You love him so much and you are so devoted to him you will make the switch RIGHT NOW to focus on the fact that you are together right now and that’s all that matters.

    We are here with you. We understand. And, again, we also know how strong your love for Rascal is. We’ve seen it with every lost. You are committed to Rascal’s wellbeing and will do whatever it takes to do what’s in his best interest. You always have…you always will.

    Now, let’s try hugging Rascal again…remembering the whole time that he isn’t worried about a thing as doesn’t give a rip about what any vet says in a “cut and dry” way!!

    What are some great treats you can give him right now. I mean junk food

  3. This is the third time Ive tried to post…..and when the “copu and “paste finally worked half way, it left half of my reply out.

    I hope you got the thrust of it anyway.

    Just wondering if you woukd want a seco d opinjon?

    Much, much love and hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  4. I am so sorry to hear this.. uug.. are they sure.. its seems drastic… Ive had pets without fevers but infections.. actuallly my dog had an abscessed tooth for like 6 months that everyone thought was OSA spread and thought i was going to be cutting piece of jaw off because it swelled so bad, no fever and normal blood work. I would def get a second opinion or is there a university close that can do a cheap CT scan..I use the word cheap loosley. Like maybe $ 600 at university vs specialty clinic, then at least you can get a detailed look.
    Paws and tongues your way.

  5. UPDATE:

    Thanks a lot for your kindness Sally. Deep breaths are definitely key right now.

    As for a second opinion we did have a second vet examine Rascal and such, the second vet was completely stumped as to what is wrong with him. She is who ordered his x-rays and suggested Gabapentin for his discomfort since Tramadol isn’t really helping much.

    I completely forgot to mention as well that he received two shots at the vet, a pain killer and a kickstart of antibiotics. I’m praying so hard that it’s a mysterious infection and that the reactions he is having right now are related to the antibiotics and cleaning out his system.

    Since yesterday we’ve done little else but cuddle him in rocking chairs and flip him from side to side since he struggles to stay comfortable. The tight swelling over his stump hasn’t gone down, and his belly has turned bright red. The fluid around his body hasn’t dissipated either.

    Watching your most loved pup pant and refuse snacks really tests a person’s poker face!

    I’m not sure what I can accomplish with more tests at this point, his skin is close to splitting and the x-rays just show fluid despite the lump feeling fairly solid.

    In the midst of this ordeal, I’m so grateful for all of you.

  6. I’m so very, very sorry, I know this is a hard situation especially when the vets have already done so much head-scratching. I’m curious though, have they done a MRSA culture? See our most recent post about Sketch:

    Hugs and love coming your way, we hope that things turn around this weekend, please keep us posted and call our helpline or post in the forums if you want to talk OK?

  7. One more thought; unless either of your vet is a board-certified oncologist, I would really hesitate to make such a drastic decision before having one examine Rascal’s case. It sounds to me like their assumption on the tumor returning is just that–an assumption. Unless they are oncologists with the right diagnostics to confirm what’s going on, please go see one.

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