5 Months Fresh

Hello Tripawds!

It feels like it’s been such a long time! I’ve just about completed another term of college, and Rascal is over 5 months post op! I never post in the forum, but I can at least keep this updated!

Cutie Couple
Cutie Couple

Today Rascal took yet another trip to the vet. Along with long toenails in need of trimming Rascal’s had some trouble with his stump. After a hard stumble he acquired fluid buildup and bruising. Two weeks of Rimadyl later and it had gone down but reappeared after the pill train stopped. It’s become a much bigger stump since. Along with being swollen and bruised, it’s also been very painful for my bubby.

He is on restricted activity so we opt to carry him around more, but since his stump is so very sore his weight distribution when being picked up is a bit tricky. He also had another mysterious lump that had me absolutely panicking, but today we were given the great news that it was not more of the same, but is thankfully benign.

Now Rascal is back on Rimadyl for a month this time, and we’re going to see how it goes after that. He may eventually need x-rays or a procedure to deal with it, but for now the anti-inflammatories and pain medications are keeping him comfortable. You can kind of see in his photo where the swelling and fluid have been. But overall Rascal continues to charm and delight his family and friends. He even gets a minus one leg discount when getting his toenails clipped now! His vet techs have a great sense of humor and have taken great care of him for every worried post-op visit.

We can only wish the Tripawd Nation the same good fortune,

Rascal and Co.

2 thoughts on “5 Months Fresh”

  1. Soooo grateful for the update! I’ve been wondering about that wild and crazy Rascal! Such a good report card for Mr. Rascal!

    I know the stump thing is a small hurdle, but soundsnlike a little rest and Rimadyl can fix it! Wonder if he chipped a tiny piece of bone?

    Enjoy your holiday with your precious, ADORABLE pack!! And give them smooches for us, along with a bit of ice cream…with sprinkles of course!!

    Thanks again for the update! I just love this fella’!

    Love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    OMD! That picture!! Cutie couple indeed!!

  2. Ohhh Rascal! Stop scaring your people and us, keep that stumpy safe and protected ya hear? Glad it’s healing (again!). It’s good to know everything else is good, you are truly amazing!

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