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Hey Tripawds! It’s been a while.

Just felt like saying hello, and giving a quick low-down on how Rascal is doing as we approach 2 months post-op. For the most part, he’s doing wonderfully. He’s getting quicker with moving around and his belly is more loose skin than ever with his carefully measured diet. He’s still a rolly-polly but I think he’s lovable anyway!

Waggly Tail

His bald area surrounding his scar has finally got a good scraggly coat of fur coming in, though being the dead of summer I imagine it’ll continue to look sparse until colder weather comes along.

The thing I need to talk about though is a minor issue with his eye, and an upcoming trip for his human. I’m going out of town in 9 days to visit my brother and take a short vacation before the school term starts, and I’ll be away from my boy for 8 days. This was already sort of disconcerting for me, since I am virtually always around save for maybe a few hours here and there. I know when Rascal is thirsty, I know when he needs a trip outside, I know when he just wants help getting down from the sofa since he’s a lazy thing that can jump down, but much prefers a quick lift. I also notice issues with his general health faster than anyone else, not even the tiny marble of scar tissue near his amputation site escaped my radar.

Enter a bloody eye last Friday night. Cue freaking out and calls to the vet by Saturday morning. Told to watch the eye in question for 24 hours, and if it doesn’t bleed again it should be fine. It didn’t, we went about our business. Then yesterday morning arrived, along with a green discharge and a swollen eye socket. Cue more freaking out and a rushed visit to the vet!

Just when Rascal thought he wouldn’t have to keep going there!

I was so worried about big eye problems that it was a huge relief when my vet explained the source of the blood and gross discharge was probably the skin tag he has on his upper eyelid. He’s had it for years with no issue, but the vet suggested he probably scratched it while itching his face and started off the irritation and blood which then led to a minor infection over the weekend. His actual eye is fine, it’s just been the avenue for drainage. 20 bucks of antibiotic eye-goo and some rimadyl later and we’re home and relaxing. Now I’ve got to keep him on these medicines for 7-10 days, so pretty much right up until I leave town.

Somehow I imagine this vacation is not going to be as relaxing as I’d hoped. If everything wasn’t already paid for and more or less set in stone I’d be tempted to cancel entirely, though I know it’s not exactly healthy to be so attached at the hip with my elderly puppy. But I alone knew about that bloody eye, and I alone noticed how swollen (not very) his eye socket had become. Anxiety doesn’t necessarily listen to reason, and knowing my mom is an excellent care giver doesn’t really ease the feeling.

This trip is going to be a lesson in co-dependency, and I know it’ll be good for us. But I also know if anyone understands unreasonable anxiety and attachment to a three-legged wonder, it’s the Tripawd Nation!

Thanks for letting me get all that off my chest guys.

Wishing you lot the best of the best,

Rascal and Co.


5 thoughts on “Blink Blink Blinkity”

  1. Oh Rascal…. you silly pup! No more scaring us like that!!!

    I know how you feel about leaving … I would have been the exact same had I had plans to leave Shelby. But Rascal is doing really well – in a great place and happy and loving life! He will do well (albeit miss you obviously).

    Go and enjoy your vacation!!! Rascal will be ready to greet you with lots of kisses and snuggles when you get back!
    alison with spirit shelby and little jasper too

  2. Gret line btw…”Anxiety doesn’t necessarily listen to reason.” So true! And you are right…we all understand that better than anyone!

    But your “reasoning” and logical mind are telling you the truth in this case. Rascal will be just fine!!

    And make no mistake about it, Rascal will make his needs snd wants known to everybody!

    Have your mom snd you pictures EVERYDAY and video too!! That way you can check him out thoroughly! I imagine the eye thing will start to clear up in a few more days anyway.

    And yes, Rascal would want you to go! You need a little R&R and you can even be more relaxed with Rascal when you come home. Relaxed energy is a good energy.

    It just delights me to know how well he is doing. Every time I see a picture of Rascal I smile big huge smiles!! He is absolutely adorable! The photo you posted today is ine of my favorites. I love his coloring/markings snd those beautiful brown eyes of his. Such a happy and well loved dog!

    You have a great trip, okay? Give us an update before you go and when you’re on vacation too…and, of course, pictures anytime you can!

    Keep on keeping on Mr. Rascal! You are an extraordinary fella’!

    Love and hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  3. I applaud your going away, as this is something I haven’t let myself do just yet….and Nitro is 14 mos post amp! Co-dependent is a great way to describe me I guess. We haven’t gone anywhere overnight! We don’t have a dog sitter at the moment, and I would never board him; so I will live vicariously though you – make your vacation a good one!

  4. Oh that’s a tough one, but you’ll both do fine and be even closer because of it. I’m so glad it’s nothing serious.

    Relax and have a great trip, everything’s gonna be OK.

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